chione - a cyber pirate residing in the submarine telecom cables
pronounced key-own-nuh, meaning snow. it's a reference to the daughter of the naiad callirrhoe who was transformed into a snow cloud by hermes at the order of zeus

european student (she/her)
18+ years old / female ♀
south asian
denpa and pure reclusive

music genres addicted to: jpop/rock, breackore, breakbeat trance, electronica, mandopop, chinese-strings, ani-soundtracks, instrumentals, k-rock, jungle/drum'n'bass, shoegaze, dreampop, psychedelia, neo-psychedelia, post-punk, ethereal wave, garage rock, space rock, ambient


hair: really_dark_brown, 3A, frayed

eyes: brown, grey_rings, dead_fish_eyes, glasses, permanent_eyebags

body: feeble, 162cm, slender, bony

face: blank_expression 24/7, scars

typical outfit: long_hoodie, hat, legging, glovelets

overall: olive_tone(IV)

anima & interests

pass-time: listening to music (75%), coding (50%), sleeping (41%/16%), journalling

past hobbies: practing piano/guitar, reading, language learning

favourite colors: dark blue, crimson, red-orange

personality typing: INTP, 5w4, 584, sp/sx, chaotic-neutral, melancholic-phlegmatic 584, ELVF, ILE or ILI (unsure), RCUEI

aesthetics-drawn-to: cybercore, ensō, 水色界隈

personality: calm, pacifist, mature, indifferent, listless, homebody

just like me fr (click for name and similarities)

yuki minakami

"habitual truant who considers herself antisocial, but in fact has an aptitude for getting along with other"
edward wong hau pepelu tivrusky IV

"eccentric, resourceful, childlike"
moting su

"daughter of gods and demons, due of their energy being the exact opposite of each other, their powers neutralized causing su moting to be born human. lazy af"
kaworu nagisa (manga ver)

"despite his human form, kaworu does not consider himself to be human, since he refers to humans as "the lilin"."
amanogawa saya

"gives off an aura of seeming mature for her age.she’s actually a bit clumsy "
"from children of the whale, she's an apátheia"

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